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PETA sought a court order in 2015 allowing it to administer all proceeds from the photos to benefit the monkey. Naruto snapped the photos in Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 2011 with an unattended camera belonging to British nature photographer David Slater. Slater says the British copyright for the photos obtained by his company should be honored worldwide. A federal judge ruled last year that the monkey cannot be declared the photos’ copyright owner. San Francisco-based self-publishing company Blurb, which published a book called “Wildlife Personalities” that includes the monkey selfies. The battle over now-famous selfie photographs taken by a macaque monkey will head back to federal court. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco on Wednesday will hear arguments on whether an animal can own the copyright to a photograph. The proceedings will be broadcast online. The lawsuit filed in 2015 by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sought a court order allowing PETA to administer all proceeds from the photos for the benefit of the monkey, which it identified as Naruto. The photos were taken during a 2011 trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia, with British nature photographer David Slater’s camera. Slater says the British copyright obtained for the photos by his company, Wildlife Personalities Ltd., should be honored worldwide A federal judge last year ruled that the monkey cannot be declared the photos’ copyright owner. Copyright © 2018 The Associated Press.

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