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The area includes the Gold King Mine site, the source of a three-million-gallon spill in August 2015. More than 100 chairs were set up for the November 17 meeting, which brought in representatives from EPA regions 6, 8 and 9 and promised to address concerns. Fewer than 20 people attended, however, and those who brought questions left without concrete answers. What I want is to know when the problem will be fixed, said Darlene Whitehorse, who farms along the San Juan River. The EPA keeps telling us to trust them, that theyre going to help us, but this problem is going to continue for a long time. Like most farmers, Whitehorse stopped watering her crops immediately after the spill, losing an entire seasons worth of income. Restrictions were lifted on river use for the 2016 growing season, but during harvest sales, customers shied away from corn, melons or squash grown in the San Juan River valley, Whitehorse said. They asked where it was grown, and when they found out we used river water to irrigate, no one would buy it, she said. Now Im feeding it to my grandkids, but I dont know for sure if its safe. While the EPA continues to talk about abandoned mines and contamination that will take decades to resolve, farmers and ranchers are left without clear answers about the status of their water. This means nothing to us, Whitehorse said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://newamericamedia.org/2016/12/navajo-nation-seeks-160-million-in-damages-for-gold-king-mine-spill.php

My.irst year, I made about $15K. O... A common theme of New Zealand’s environmental legislation is sustainably managing natural and physical resources, fisheries, and forests. District Courts, Eastern District of California Sierra ClubConsumer Attorneys of California, National Association of Shareholder & Consumer Attorneys “NASCAT” ...Onshore Oil and Petrol Leasing on Public Lands: At What Point Does EPA Require the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement? In a world facing high demographic growth, runaway urbanization and the shortage of natural resources, securing, optimizing and renewing resources is essential to our future. California has numerous stringent environmental laws, including an environmental advertising law restricting the representation of products as being environmentally friendly, recyclable, or biodegradable unless certain standards are met. PayScale: What advice would you give to those interested in becoming an environmental lawyer? Environmental laws have been put into place by both state and federal ruling and are enforced by the EPA. Information about the section dues rebate program can be found on the CB Website .

While affected industries spark controversy in fighting regulation, there are also many environmentalists and public interest groups who believe that current regulations are inadequate, and advocate for stronger protection. 15 16 17 Environmental law conferences - such as the annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon - typically have this focus, also connecting environmental law with class, race, and other issues. In the common law, the primary protection was found in the law of nuisance, but this only allowed for private actions for damages or injunctions if there was harm to land. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommended site-specific performance assessments for the project. How many cases like mine have you handled? Petersburg, FM, as well as in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Mansfield, Medina and Youngstown, OH. If you are an individual or group with an environmental issue, you will need the help of qualified environmental lawyers.